We are Sheldon.studio,

We design informative experiences.*

* What the heck does an informative experience means? We coined this term to refer to those projects which inform on complex, controversial, and multi-faceted topics, in a more immersive and engaging way.

There is a certain distance between information and experience. Information is mediated, we only perceive it when someone tells us. On the other hand, experience involve us in the first person - we live it.

We define 'informative experiences' all those projects which reduce that distance, allowing us to perceive the experience of what the information tell us, moving toward a more better-informed society.

Selected projects

We are a group of professionals and academics from the data, design and strategic marketing field. We connect data, science and design, developing great projects and writing academic papers about them.

We believe in data as well we believe that data can lie: they are important, but there is something more. There is empathy, irony, humanity and quality, factors that makes the difference in our projects.

We share multi-faceted backgrounds, from design to editorial, which allows us to empower and make sense of the complexity involved in your organization. We like challenges and being challenged, give us a call.

  • Data is an opinion.

  • We design informative experiences.

  • We use co-design and human-centred methods.

  • Design is not a tool, it is an attitude.

  • We connect design and science.

  • Irony first, professional always.

  • We work ethically: we work with and for NGO, foundations, art and cultural institutions.

  • We are radical but not extremist: are you not in the list above? Let's speak anyway.

  • We love hybrid forms of design, culture, and people.

  • We are against walls.

  • We are Sheldon and this is our manifesto, we think is important to share our position on design, life and humans.

    Ah, we also think you should drink to stop eating when you are bored.